We make web apps.

From complex internal systems, airline ticketing and mobile applications backends to our own projects. We also make responsive web sites under the name MOBILOVE.

The bottom line is if you have a web-related problem, we are here to solve it.

We use whatever technology fits the project and we love trying new things.

On front end we cook in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Rarely in Flash, we've heard it died out. On server-side we deal with PHP spiced up with Nette, but neither Node.js nor Python are unknown to us.

Don't worry if you don't understand those words. That's why we're here - so you don't have to.

We've learned (and build) a lot in 5 years in business.

Globus: Kroky ke zdraví, Lamaica.com, Simproperty management system, CheckVenues.com. And many more. Unfortunately the others are in our strange language only.

By the way most of our work is not visible at first sight. We test applications thoroughly, deploy analytic tools, support them for years. We simply want our applications to help people, not to produce additional worries.

We love to work with people who understand that writing a complex application quickly and cheaply is not the best idea in the long run.

We are digital nomads.

We reside in Prague but we are not there all the time. We like to move around Czech Republic and the world enjoying that you can code anywhere, anytime.

We're interested in crazy ideas, improving things and making new stuff. Members of our team participate in a bike sharing project Rekola, help young developers through Junior Internet and help organize conferences like Webovina or Prague BarCamp.

However you can always find someone at our office.

Web makes us happy.

We're building a democratic company and work on meaningful projects.

We are Vítek Ježek (vitek.jezek@clevis.cz or +420 776 184 835), Honza Sládek (jan.sladek@clevis.cz), Monika Šmídová (m.smidova@clevis.cz), Radek Bernátek, Dana Jiříková, Tomáš Sušánka, Jan Tvrdík and Pája Zbytovský. External experts are Mikuláš Dítě, Jan Škrašek, Matěj Šimek, Dalibor Šimáček and Viliam Kopecký.

Wait, I know nobody. Whom should I write?



Clevis s.r.o., Italská 1205/10, Prague 2, 120 00, Czech Republic.

Identification number (IČ) 289 14 937, DIČ CZ28914937 - we pay VAT.

Bank account 210 009 5456 / 2010 (FIO)

Registered in the Commercial Register of the Municipal Court in Prague, part C, insertion 152865.

That's our story. Come tell us yours — coffee maker present.

Next step

A few months ago, we celebrated five years of Clevis. For the sixth we will celebrate it as manGoweb.

In the last five years, we have put together a great bunch of fools who are not only leaders in their field, but who also have a passion for many crazy projects. We started Rekola , reinvented WebExpo , experimented with some bleeding edge tech, and built a lot of large and complex Web services and applications.

A year ago we happened to meet Pavel Fuchs and the boys at manGoweb . We started doing things together. At first, little things like a flood relief website, then a client contract and WebExpo. And one day we said, it's pretty embarrassing that we do not link the two sites, and make the partnership more clear.

So now we are partners. We know large and complex applications, and the Mango guys are ace with gorgeous, fast presentation sites. Sometimes you need both. It is important that it makes sense, we don't just build things for the sake of building them.

After almost a year of doing all sorts of projects, Jan and Vitek are back to what they do really well. Making Web applications. Whether for clients or their own.

But why go under the name manGoweb and not Clevis, or even CleManGo? We wanted to keep one of the brands. ManGoweb has created lots and lots of smaller sites, and it would be very difficult to tell everyone about the change. Clevis inherently does fewer, but larger things. Therefore, the choice fell this way.

Would you like to talk about it? With pleasure! Come by for a coffee at manGoweb